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Badger fans leave AT&T stadium dejected after tough loss

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ARLINGTON, TX (WKOW) -- As those who watched it on television might imagine, Badger fans who were at AT&T stadium to witness Wisconsin's tough 74-73 loss to Kentucky first-hand were incredibly disappointed after the game.

Many of them walked around outside in a kind of in a stupor, with shocked expressions on their faces.

Most were saying it could have been, it should have been, but also that the Badgers had a great season and that they have a lot to be proud of going into the off-season and into next year.

"I'm proud of the way they played.  They played a heck of a game," said Dave Armstrong of Madison. "Came down to the last basket.  What more can you ask?  Except...if we would have made it."

13 year-old Badger fan Will Byrne summed it up better than any adult did.

"I cried.  It really made me mad.  This was the first college game I've ever been to, so, it was annoying to see them lose by one point," said Byrne.

Charlie Wills, a member of the Badgers 2000 Final Four team, told 27 News that this year's squad has nothing to be embarrassed about.

"Nobody did anything terribly wrong or different," said Wills.  "It was just a game of wits and they hit the shots, so its tough.  Its tough to watch."

Many Badger fans also left wondering if they'll be able to get home tomorrow.

Most of them booked through Tuesday, so they're hoping they can get back to Wisconsin and put this Final Four loss behind them and reflect on what was a great season.   
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