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Conservatives upset about local zombie movie

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A Wisconsin-based horror movie is creating controversy due to its political overtones.

Critics on the right are slamming "The New World Horror" for making tea party members literally look like bloodthirsty zombies.

The independent film is scheduled to begin filming in Janesville this summer.

"We want to make a scary horror movie, we want to make a good horror movie," said Sarah Bartash, one of the film's producers who says that is the first priority.

"We really, really, really wanted it not to be preachy and not to be any sort of propaganda piece," said Adam Schabow, director of The New World Horror.

But Schabow is already being criticized for the film's story, which begins with a virus transforming those at a local Tea Party rally into zombies.

Conservative Collin Roth attacked Schabow on the website Right Wisconsin recently, writing: "It is clear Schabow possesses a smug disdain and absurd fear of everyday Americans who believe in things like limited government, individual liberty, and spending restraint."

Schabow readily admits he is a liberal, once even producing his own political video blog called "Rants Without Pants."  But he says the film isn't designed to bash conservatives.

"The movie's really more just about extremism and it's something, yes, we have fun with the Tea Party, but we also have some fun with liberals," said Schabow.

The film includes a Democratic candidate who is overly sympathetic to the zombies and wants to help integrate them into society.

"There's a bleeding heart for those with no heartbeat," quipped Bartash.

Schabow hopes people will give his movie the benefit of the doubt and at least see it before passing judgement.

The film is using all local actors and crew members and will start shooting in late May, with its release planned for December.

You can find out more about The New World Horror by clicking here.
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