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Jefferson Award Winner: Vickie Carroll

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OREGON (WKOW) -- Every month, 27 News introduces you to a local volunteer who goes beyond the call of duty for their community.

Our Jefferson Award Winner for April has helped raise millions of dollars to make sure all families have food on the table.

Oregon's Vickie Carroll never slows down.

Once a week, she's a volunteer at the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry in Madison.

"Normally I'm a hostess, helping the people get the food," she says.

Vickie also stocks shelves.

But most importantly, she brings a sense of comfort.

"We want to make sure that everyone retains their dignity when they get help," says Josie Montanez-Tyler of St. Vinnies. "So having someone on the other side of it, the host, who is humble, it eases the anxiety of our clients."

But that's just a small part of how Vickie gives back.

In 1995, her husband founded Buckets for Hunger and Vickie became his number one volunteer.

The organization combines a love of sports with a passion to feed the hungry.

They host fundraisers, get professional athletes to help out and all the money goes to local food pantries.

So far, they've raised about $2 million, enough for 11 million pounds of food.

"It feels great, to know, starting out with just a few volunteers, that we've been able to do that and maintain all the time and effort," says Vickie.

She also works full-time as a nurse.

Twice a month, she uses her skills as a volunteer at the Shalom free health clinic in Stoughton.

"I think it's just part of the human nature," she says. "Everyone should be helping those who are less fortunate than them, even if you don't have anything."
"She's here because she genuinely cares and that is fulfilling for her. She doesn't need anything else besides that," says Montanez-Tyler.

Vickie's desire to help others is what makes her our Jefferson Award Winner for April.

For more information on Buckets for Hunger click here.

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