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Snappers' Covey balancing diabetes and big league dreams

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BELOIT, WI (WKOW) -- He was just days away from signing a life-changing, multi-million dollar contract with the Milwaukee Brewers when 18 year-old pitcher Dylan Covey got some life-changing news about his health.

"I just did a routine blood test and the Brewers called me and said that it showed signs of high sugars," said Covey, who had been drafted 14th overall in 2010. Covey was diagnosed with Type I diabetes.

The Brewers had no experience with it," said Covey. "I didn't know what to expect; they didn't know what to expect. So, it was just a big question mark."

So, instead of heading to spring training, the righty went back to his home state of California and spent three years at the University of San Diego, learning to manage his condition.

"I understood what it was, but I didn't understand, to the magnitude I do now, how much it would change what I do daily," Covey said.

He was then drafted by the Oakland Athletics and now plays minor league ball for the Beloit Snappers. While he does sometimes wonder "what if," Covey believes he made the right decision.

"I think the money would be nice to have," said Covey, "but I think what I learned through going to college, the struggles helped me not take things for granted."

Snappers pitching coach and former big-leaguer Craig Lefferts has worked with three different pitchers with diabetes.
"Some days [Dylan's] run down a little bit more than others," said Lefferts. "Going through what he's going through takes a lot of character to be successful in this game and deal with the issues he's got to deal with, so I give him a lot of credit."
Lefferts is hopeful Covey can make it to the majors.
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