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Ask Toula: Will her new owner have to give her treats like you do in training?

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Spring has Sprung, my friends! I couldn't be happier about this amazing weather – the smells, oh the so, so many smells that spring brings with it! When I'm not at work or training, I love to spend all my time outside - Sniffing around, watching neighbors pass by, playing fetch, chomping on sticks and laying down letting with the wind in my face taking it all in!
Be sure to check out my new pictures here! Now, onto a viewer question…

Q: I see you give her treats after every skill she performs; will her new owner have to do the same? Why is this the method you choose?

A: The training method that WAGS uses is Positive Reinforcement. I am rewarded for doing well and especially at this age and stage in my pup-life. As I'm still learning, my trainer uses a lot of really yummy treats to keep me encouraged, keep my attention and reward me for doing well. As I start to perfect my skills and know them really well, I will start to receive fewer treats for them. Positive reinforcement training can take longer and requires more patience of the trainers, but the end results are worth it and my pup friends and I certainly like it too! Once I am placed with a client, they will still need to have treats, but they won’t be used to the same extent that they are right now. Being out in public with so many people, food on the floor, all the things to look at, etc can be very distracting for me, so having treats is a good way to reel me back in if needed. Plus, who doesn’t love a good snack when you’re out and about?! :)

~ Toula

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.”

Thom Jones, American Writer

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