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4-year-old boy with autism, diabetes needs help to purchase diabetic alert dog

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FORT ATKINSON (WKOW) -- A 4-year-old boy from Fort Atkinson, diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes and autism, can't alert his parents of changes in his sugar levels and he needs a diabetic alert dog to help.

Talon's parents worry his sugar levels may become dangerously low or high at night, which could cause him to experience seizures, go into coma or even worse, death. Talon has picked out a diabetic alert dog named Hero and the family is now raising money to purchase the life saving dog.

Talon requires constant medical attention. His parents, Samantha and Anthony, check his blood sugar levels eight to 10 times a day, give him insulin injections every time he eats or drinks and they count every carb he puts into his mouth.

If his blood sugar levels are too high or too low it's hard to tell because Talon acts like the same energetic child. The diabetic alert dog can detect his blood sugar movement and will know how to alert his parents, which may save his life.

Talon was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and Type-1 Diabetes in 2013. Talon's service dog will be ready for him in May, but it costs $15,000. The family says they hope to have the money raised soon. Right now, they have a little over $2,000 raised to help buy the dog.

If you want to help donate or learn more about Talon's story, click here.
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