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Three dogs still looking for homes from the Thyme & Sage Ranch bust

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Petey Petey
Scooby Scooby
Zelda Zelda
(WKOW) --- It was 5 years ago that more than 300 dogs were rescued during a search warrant at an animal rescue in Richland County.

Dozens of rescue agencies across the state stepped in to help take in the animals and give them medical attention and find them homes.  In researching the 5 year reunion, WKOW found three animals still at a rescue property.  They are loving life and rehabilitating, but with the right home could be adopted.  Here are their stories written by the rescue group. 
If you find you might be a good fit and are interested in the possibility of being their forever home, please email us at

Petey, a 7-year-old german shorthair pointer hound mix, arrived at HEA frightened of men, children, and other dogs. He has since learned to love and accept others as long as he knows you are in control of the situation and he doesn't have to be. This guy is super duper strong and determined both physically and mentally. It has been fun watching him grow to know love. He is a great snuggler and loves big fluffy blankets to cuddle up on. As long as he has a fluffy blanket he is happy as a lark!

Scooby has been a complete challenge but our love knows no limits. He is a 10-year-old cocker spaniel mix. This little guy arrived with severe fear aggression. No one could get close to touching him. When he arrived we have to loop leash him to get him out of his kennel and out to potty. We sat with him for hours and hours and talked to him, trying to reassure him all would be okay and that we were worthy of his trust. 5 years later we still have to handle him with care, but he lets us pet him and occasionally pick him up when he's in the mood. He adores other dogs and they are truly his security blanket. We are so proud of Scooby's progress and understand the past can be hard to let go, but are trying to show him he has a beautiful future whether its living with us at the sanctuary or finding him a forever family that can understand his sensitivities.

Zelda is a force of love. She is a 6-year-old Staffordshire terrier. She makes everyone smile and only knows how to be happy. She can be strong willed but hey, its a girl thing .  This little girl could add a lot of love to someone's house. (she loves to play with other dogs at the sanctuary but from interactions she has had in home settings, she may be best in a single dog household or with owners that will introduce her slowly to the other dogs in a home environment).

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