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Watertown Police investigating homicide, identified as missing woman

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WATERTOWN (WKOW) --- Watertown Police say they are investigating a homicide.

They are now calling the death investigation from Friday a homicide.

Police have identified the woman found dead as missing 28-year-old Dodge County mother, Heather Stewart of Clyman.

Officials were investigating Friday in the parking lot of the old Pick n Save in Watertown where Stewart was found dead in her vehicle.

Police are asking for any information on Stewart or activity at the old Pick n Save on May 28 to call police at (920) 261-6660.

Stewart was last seen on May 28 in Clyman, Wisconsin.

No suspect is in custody and police will not comment on how Stewart died.

Watertown Police Chief Tim Roets says, "The crime was not a random act and the general public is not at risk."

Stewart's neighbor and close friend Amanda Runyard tells 27 News she's waiting for any information from investigators on who might have been responsible for her friend's killing.

"They are in contact with the family daily, so we're at least getting some answers, but not the answers we're looking for," Runyard says.

Stewart, a mother of four, shared her apartment with her youngest child and a boyfriend.

Runyard says she last saw Stewart Wednesday evening, as Stewart prepared to leave for her job at an Oconomowoc hospital.

Runyard remembered Stewart's last words included the term of endearment used by Stewart's young daughter that had become Runyard's nickname." She told me, 'I'll call you when I get to work, Panda', " Runyard said. But Runyard said there was no call, and authorities say Stewart never arrived for her shift.

Clyman town board member Laurel Finger says in her fifty years in the community, there's been no other homicide victim.

"I don't know what to think," Stewart's neighbor and long-time Clyman resident Joe Kaczynski tells 27 News.  "Someone's got to be involved in it."

Stewart's apartment building is among four buildings that make up the small community's commercial district, with two bars and an ATV dealership flanking the apartments. Clyman has a part-time police force of six officers.

While uncertainty remains about what happened to this small-town mom, Runyard says one thing is certain. "She loved her kids.".
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