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Toula shares how to become a volunteer for WAGs

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Hello my friends!

First, I have to give a shout-out to my friends in Ms. Brunker’s 3rd Grade Class at Horizon Elementary School in Sun Prairie. I got the pleasure of meeting some really awesome kids that did a service learning project on service dogs and then a fundraiser for WAGS and raised $750! How awesome is that?!?! Check out the pictures below to see my bud Ian and I getting all sorts of wonderful attention from them (I LOVE a good belly rub)! It was so fun to meet all of you and THANK YOU for all that you did for WAGS!!

Today, I answer 2 viewer questions about becoming a volunteer –

Q: Do you have to have previous dog training to become a volunteer with WAGS?

A: No! Many volunteers have come to WAGS without prior experience training dogs. Everything you need to know to train the pups you will learn through the program at WAGS. The volunteers typically meet with the Program Director once a week to learn new skills and how to train the dog to do such as well as discussing progress and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Sarah (the Program Director) is always available by phone or email if questions/concerns arise between meetings. Typically, there is a group meeting every-other week where the dogs in the same age range will meet for class. This is a great opportunity for the trainers to learn together, see how the other dogs are doing, and discuss as a group the challenges and successes they’ve been experiencing. Most of the time, we also get to play together after class too, which is always my favorite part! On the opposite weeks of class, the trainer and pup will meet with Sarah on an individual basis to focus solely on the pup they’re working with. It’s an ongoing learning process for both myself and the trainer. You will always have the support you need to be a great trainer, so don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience at all!

Q: What if I have a pet dog at home, can I still be a trainer?

A: Yes! WAGS will want to come visit with your dog and make sure that there aren’t any behavior concerns that could affect the WAGS dog, but usually it’s not a problem and a lot of times it’s even a benefit because then we can play together too! WAGS has trainers both with and without pets at home.

~ Toula

“Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend…Never owned a dog.”

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