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Fallen tree remains in Orton Park

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Monday nights severe weather knocked down a tree in Orton Park.

When the park district attempted to remove the tree on Wednesday afternoon, members of The Friends of Orton Park sat on the fallen tree refusing to let park district workers take a part of their community

Members of the group want to turn the fallen tree into a piece of organic playground equipment.

Workers cleaned up small amounts of debris before leaving most of the tree where it fell.

Friends of Orton Park member, Truly Remarkable Loon, says the park district leaving the tree is a small victory for the group and park. "It's nice, we've had a lot of partial battle wins here with the parks department. We've lost a lot of the war."

Loon says 40 trees have been removed from the park since he moved to the neighborhood 20 years ago.

Friends of Orton Park and the parks department will continue talking about what to specifically do with the tree next week.

The recent storms have forced the parks department to focus on other areas of Madison - leaving the fallen tree blocking the sidewalk in Orton Park.

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