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Mallards gets a taste of the business of baseball

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Mallards catcher Drew Carlile didn't expect to still be in Madison. Carlile was originally given a temporary contract for just the start of the season.

"I was hoping I would get the chance to stay. I knew that a lot of it was up in the air and I was hoping to play well and earn my spot," Carlile said. "I knew things would have to fall into place and they did."

Every year the Mallards sign a handful of guys fully knowing, they will have to be cut. The Mallards are part of a summer collegiate league, where some members of the roster are still playing for their schools when the Mallards begin their season. With the college season over and the new players in town the Mallards were forced to adjust their roster by July 1. 

"It's hard, just the uncertainty of it. Not knowing whether you'll be able to stay here the whole summer. But at the same time I was just happy to be here in the first place and I knew whatever time I would get here would be really good and fun for me so I was just appreciative of that," Carlile said.

Carlile was lucky enough to earn a spot, being given a full contract at the end of June. Other players weren't so lucky, like Sun Prairie native Michael Handel.

"Having to let him go was tough," Mallards manager Donnie Scott said. "He's got people coming to see him every night, but it's tough decisions to make but we have to make them. Hopefully the fans understand that. It's dog eat dog in competition amongst players in pro ball, and that's what you're going to run into."
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