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ASK TOULA: How WAGS dogs are matched with clients

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Q: Toula, when will you know who you will end up with? How is that decided?

A: For all of us dogs in training, the placement process takes a lot of different factors into consideration before a decision is made. One of the great aspects about WAGS is that they are dedicated to making sure they make the right match (for both the individual and the dog) and not just any match. What does this mean? Well, each individual has different needs and each dog has a different level of performance for certain skills. For example, if a dog is spectacular with all of the necessary skills except for retrieving dropped items, that dog won't get placed with someone who specifically needs that skill to help them with their everyday life. On the other hand, if a dog needs more than usual exercise, that dog won't get placed with someone who won't be able to provide that for the dog. Not only does the match have to be right on the physical level, it also needs to be right on the personality & emotional level. The process of matching doesn't start until later in training when the skill level, personality type, health and more has reached a mature point to evaluate. Once a match has been decided, WAGS client services includes training at the WAGS training facility followed by specialized training in the home and environment of each recipient. WAGS will teach the entire range of dog handling skills necessary for each team to be successful. The services do not end there, WAGS has a comprehensive follow up program to ensure the continued success of every team.


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