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Miscommunication seemed to lead to Melvin Gordon's lack of carries in 2nd half vs. LSU

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MADISON (WKOW) -- It was a hot topic after Wisconsin fell to LSU 28-24 on Saturday, surrendering its 17-point third quarter lead. What happened to Melvin Gordon? The team's best player basically disappeared in the second half against the Tigers, carrying the ball just four times. What really made it such a topic of discussion was the lack of clarity following the contest. Badgers head coach Gary Andersen told the media he didn't know why his star player was on the sideline for much of the second half in his postgame press conference. Gordon meanwhile told the media he was not injured and had no idea why he wasn't involved in the offense, which led to plenty of speculation.

Things cleared up a bit during the team's Monday press conference, as Andersen let it be known the coaches limited Gordon because the team's trainer had told them their running back had a tweaked hip flexor.

"If I'm off base, I'm off base. But all I can do is go by what a trainer tells me," Andersen said.     
"He's the professional. So if I put a kid in harm's way because I don't listen to a trainer, then I've got a major issue on my hands, I don't think I'm the person who I say I am."

Gordon on the other hand said he was good enough to play and a lack of communication led to his limited playing time. If put back in the situation again, the redshirt junior said he would treat it differently.

"On game day I just like to let the coaches do their job and i put it on me," Gordon said.

"Maybe I should have let them know let coach "A" know and step up and let them know, look I need to be in there. I kind of just sat back and I put that on myself. I wasn't really forceful with it, I really wasn't demanding with it and I probably should have been."

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