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Preventing Enterovirus

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MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Doctors and nurses at the Aurora Saint Lukes respiratory intensive care unit are specially trained to know exactly what to look for if someone comes down with the Enterovirus.

They approach any patient as if they are potentially infectious and protect themselves with gowns, gloves, and masks.

Doctor Angela Tonozzi says 10 to 15 million people a year actually get Enterovirus, but may not know it because it's similar to a cold.

"Some of them might not experience any symptoms. Cough or maybe a little bit of rash might be seen, but when you see cough and shortness of breath, maybe some new onset of wheezing. Meaning they haven't had wheezing before," said Tonozzi.

While hand washing is something everyone knows to do, the health care workers at Aurora say it's their first line of defense and it should be yours as well.
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