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Heights' player's big score proves bigger than the game

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 WISCONSIN HEIGHTS, Wis. (WKOW) -- For most high school athletes, there's nothing like scoring for the first time. 

But for Wisconsin Heights' Jacob Ott, his first trip to the endzone was a moment the entire community won't soon forget.

"I loved it. I was jumping around and guys loved me," said Ott, who has Down Syndrome.

Last year, Ott was the Vanguard team manager, but he had dreams of scoring a touchdown.

"I didn't think when we first found out about the Down's and all that," said Ott's father, Mike, "that, you know, he wouldn't be able to do this stuff. Now, he's proving everyone wrong."

Friday, September 19, Ott's dream came true. Heights was trailing 41-13 to Waterloo after scoring a touchdown on fourth down. Head Coach Pete Jopke then put in Ott to score the two-point conversion.

"Thanks to coach Scheel at Waterloo and his staff and players," said Jopke, for agreeing to allow Ott to score mostly undefended.

Even Ott's teammates were overcome with emotion and excitement.

"When we were losing and Jacob went in, it excited the crowd," said junior defensive end Tyler Barman. "It excited us all. It didn't matter what the score was."

"It was a great feeling," said Jace Kaikuaana, a junior running back. "It gave me goosebumps."

Ott's family was also touched by the gesture.

"Words can't describe it enough," said Mike Ott. "It's an incredible feeling. It touched the heart, definitely. My wife Melissa cried through the whole thing."

Ott is hoping to get another chance to play and score Friday when the Vanguards host Cambridge.



[Special thanks to Wisconsin Heights High School and "Banner Sportscasting" for use of video.]

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