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Badgers plan to play two quarterbacks

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 After a four-interception performance, the Badgers are facing some serious questions at quarterback. For now, Gary Andersen has decided the best answer is to play both Joel Stave and Tanner McEvoy.

"I'm a firm believer now that our offense with where we are with our offense as a whole, not at the quarterback position, we're best served to be able to play both quarterbacks to help Joel (Stave) when he's in there at quarterback, to help Tanner (McEvoy) when he's in there at quarterback. Both of them playing on the offense, and in turn, help them be better."

 Andersen went on to say both quarterbacks could be on the field at the same time. That could mean McEvoy lining up at receiver at some point.

"Yeah, that's also some things to sit back and discuss. The knowledge base and the ability for him to get out there. There is a learning curve, again. But it's a possibility. Let me put it that way."

McEvoy was pulled in the second quarter of Saturday's loss at Northwestern. For the season, McEvoy is averaging just 126 passing yards per game. He has five touchdowns and five interceptions. The Badgers have had one of the weakest passing attacks in the country. Yet, Andersen says he is not regretting the decision to give McEvoy the starting job prior to the season.

"No, because the key thing for that is there are so many factors in my own opinion, and where we were and what took place and the whole scenario that was there, that, no, I do not. Because, again, there is a lot more to it than just the public's eye or I guess the people that weren't in the middle of the two a day camp with the coaches."

For now, Stave and McEvoy are the only quarterbacks under consideration. D.J. Gillins will redshirt this season. Meanwhile, Andersen says Bart Houston has not done enough in practice to be in the starting conversation.

"That's a hard one for me to explain other than the fact that as a coaching staff we sat down and made a decision that those are the guys that we're going to go with, and Bart was obviously a big part of it. Evaluate practice, review practice, it was Tanner, and Joel, and then Bart."

The Badgers will debut their two-quarterback system Saturday at Camp Randall against Illinois at 11 a.m.

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