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Dangerous and bumpy stretch of Highway 69 now smoothed out and safe

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PAOLI (WKOW)-- You may remember the rough ride on Highway 69 between Verona and Belleville earlier this year. Commuters complained to 27 News in early February and inspired us to take a deeper look at this stretch of road.

DOT officials say the large amount of public outcry and media coverage motivated them to take a deeper look as well. Upon further examination they decided to speed up their resurfacing project that was originally planned for 2016. On Thursday, they wrapped up the finishing touches of this month-long project

"We got a lot of feedback this Winter. Obviously the road was pretty beaten up and definitely needed to get done," WisDOT Project Manager Matthew Dapp says.

DOT managers say it was the worst stretch of road in Southern Wisconsin. Nine months and $2.3 million later, the road is as smooth as silk.

"It's great. A few customers have made good comments about it. Hopefully it will have a positive impact on business," Alp and Dell Cheese Store worker Mary Schnid says.

The bumpy stretch of roadway has been a major topic of conversation for shop owners and residents in Paoli. They're pleased to see the DOT listening to their concerns and speeding up the process.

"They're definitely going to see an improvement out here, both with the pavement stripes, the smooth asphalt, some new signs. I think it will be a huge improvement for the public," Dapp says.

DOT officials are asking drivers to be mindful of their speed when they use this new stretch of highway. They're concerned that drivers will lose track of how fast their going while driving on the smooth surface. Workers are now putting up warning signs at sharp curves along the road.

"When they're cruising around those curves, there's fresh asphalt and smooth pavement. They're going to want to take the turns a little slower to stay safe," Dapp says.

The new asphalt on Highway 69 has a life span of five years. The DOT is planning to rebuild the road in 2019. That project will likely take several months to complete. Workers will need to tear out all of the old concrete and replace it with new materials.

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