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Halloween hounds become Bucky Badgers for wild animal makeover

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FITCHBURG (WKOW) -- Besides trick or treaters -- a pack of wild animals could soon show up -- panting at your door.

That's because one Fitchburg groomer is giving pampered pooches a total Halloween makeover -- and the local woman is adding tons of spots and stripes to create the look.

Deb Compton is the owner of In the Dogz House.

"I can do lions, tigers and panda bears." Compton said. "The hardest part is coming up with the idea," she added.

Compton is an artist and an elite world champion dog groomer. She can do just about any look you ask for including the popular Bucky Badger.

Compton figured out how to create "The Bucky" when the vegan shampoo she uses to turn dogs into raccoons started to fade.  The fluke opened up a whole new way to view the Wisconsin mascot.

Compton says the service doesn't take that long to complete, but pets do need to enjoy the grooming experience for it to work.

"Generally about an hour per dog. The colors last about six washes," Compton said.

And that part is important because "Bucky" could look like Bucky til well into the new year -- depending on how often you shampoo your pooch.

Compton says the service starts around $20 and goes up from there -- depending on how many colors are used.

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