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TIPS: Safe driving tips with the light snow in the area

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MADISON (WKOW) --Madison may have missed the early polar express, but we're still expecting light snow to fall today, and with that comes a reminder for motorists to play it safe behind the wheel.

And when it comes to snow, you really just want to take it slow.

AAA Wisconsin say it's not just removing the lead foot or getting distracted, it all about reducing your speed.

And, giving yourself plenty of leeway between you and the car in front.

AAA Wisconsin also says instead of staying 3 seconds behind, in inclement weather give yourself about 7 to 8 seconds.

One big thing especially on area freeways or the Beltline is to remove the cruise control. If weather gets really bad you might need to dial down your gear settings as well.

And, enough can't be said about easing up on the gas, and keep your steering wheel as straight as you can to navigate.

Another thing later today, as we approach freezing temps. There's a possibility of county salt trucks heading out.And if they do, the best advice is don't crowd the plow.

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