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Checking in with Toula, learning "go find"

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Hey Everyone, it's me Toula!!

I've been doing really well and having fun at my new home with my new trainer, Victoria. A lot of things are the same that I was doing with Jesi. I get to open the refrigerator and open/shut doors and retrieve items. We go on outings to the mall, grocery store, church and I've been meeting lots of new people and making new friends. The employees at Potbelly's even made me their Customer of the week. It's been a lot of fun!

One of the new skills I've been learning is to “Go find” items. Victoria will hide her cell phone and ask me to go find it and I will bring it back to her and lay it in her hand. We started slowly so I could see her lay it down on the floor and she would ask me to find it. Between you and me, the first time she did it, I thought it was kind of weird. Surely she didn't forget that quickly where she had just put it? But when I found it and brought it back to her, she was so happy and excited that I absolutely loved this new game!!! Now she hides it when I'm not looking, but I am pretty smart, I'm learning all the normal places to look for it. At first, it was laying on the ground, but she recently started hiding it on furniture, so I'm learning to stand up to retrieve it and carry it to her all the way to a different room. She's always excited when I find it and I always get lots of yummy treats and praises, it's definitely one of my favorite games.

I know some of you asked if the switch to a new trainer would be tough, but I am a social butterfly and make friends quickly. Plus Jesi told Victoria the secret of how much I love my hip massage!! So I adapted to my new home right away. And I even get to see Jesi every other week in our group classes and that's a lot of fun. I've been seeing how she's been doing with Teal. Wait until you meet Teal, she's a lot of fun and she'll be doing some ‘guest posts' to the Toula Tracker too! Oops, sounds like the remote controller fell on the floor. Cool, I love picking up things for her! I better go. It was great saying Hi to everyone! I'll keep in touch so you can see my progress as I learn new and exciting things in my 2nd year of training.


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