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Local businesses brace for Christmas rush

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MADISON (WKOW) – The Christmas Season is a crucial time of year for a couple, local businesses.

At Orange Tree Imports, on Monroe Street, co-owner Carol “Orange” Schroeder said the store does “about 40 percent” of its business each year in November and December.

“For us, Thanksgiving weekend is not the busiest weekend,” Schroeder said. “We get busier and busier as we get closer to Christmas.”

“If there's going to be a profit, it's going to happen in November and December. So we're always grateful when the Christmas season goes well,” she said.

Schroeder said popular sales include “stocking stuffers,” and small gifts like ornaments or Christmas crackers. She said cards and kitchen supplies also sell well during the holidays.

“I just love it when it gets really busy,” Schroeder said. “You see customers with baskets full of merchandise and you think 'Oh, wow. This is what they put together out of all the different merchandise in the store.'”

The months of November and December are also a crucial time of year at Fontana Sports.

“This year we had an anomaly in that we had a great November because it got cold very early, and it was snowing,” said assistant manager Craig Amacker.

“But December is always one of our busiest months of the year,” Amacker said. “It's that perfect storm. We're at the height of the snow, sports season and also in the midst of the biggest, gift-giving holidays of the year as well.”

Amacker said hot sellers at Fontana Sports during the holiday season tend to be items that can “fall off the chair lift,” like gloves, hats and goggles.

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