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Snow good news for plow businesses, mild winter a plus for the streets crews

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MADISON (WKOW) -- It might not be much, but the snow that fell in the Madison area was a welcomed sight for snow removal companies.

At this time last year, Towell Property Services had already plowed seven times, but this season it's just the third time crews have been out. Snow removal is about 20 percent of the company's business.

A salt shortage last year had owner Ian Towell buying early this year... even though it hasn't been needed.

"We couldn't even get our hands on it at times," says Towell. "We had to drive out of the county just to get pallets of salt at times. So this year, we pre-ordered a bunch of salt, like 12 pallets and paid for all that up front, and we've been sitting on it."

Towell says he's not too concerned yet though because it may be needed for the rest of the season.

While private companies are still hoping for more snow, the mild winter has been good news for the city of Madison and its equipment.

Saturday is just the third time the city crews have been out plowing.

"This has been as slow as I can remember it for this long a period of time. It's something that we really needed," says George Dreckmann with the streets department. "[It's been] easier on the equipment, easier on the staff."

30 trucks salted Saturday morning and more crews will be in at midnight to monitor road conditions. If the roads get slippery during the cold snap ahead, the city will switch to sand because salt is no longer effective when temperatures drop past 12 degrees.

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