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Mother in Montfort shooting dies, investigation continues

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MONTFORT (WKOW) --Grant County Sheriff' Nate Dreckman says Morgan Slaight died Tuesday from injuries sustained January 2 during a shooting at her Montfort home, with her young sons also victims.

Dreckman says the shooting investigation continues and no determination has yet been made as to what occurred in Montfort that day.  Dreckman says investigators continue to follow leads and are awaiting the processing of evidence.

Authorities say the possibility remains the fatal shootings were a murder-suicide.

Authorities say Slaight's six year old son, Jaxon died after being shot in the head, and her eight year old son, Joseph was wounded.  Church-goers from a Sunday vigil service tell 27 News family members say Joseph Slaight's condition is improving.

Officials say Slaight and the children moved from Oklahoma to the Montfort home recently and were living there with relatives.

Oklahoma court records show Slaight was making fine-payments from a 2012 felony, stolen vehicle possession conviction.  But Slaight completed her criminal probation sentence.

Washington (OK) County community sentencing coordinator Jan Willaford tells 27 News Slaight worked hard to comply with probation terms and address substance abuse.

"Morgan took initiative from the beginning and placed herself into in-patient treatment, right at the beginning," Willaford tells 27 News.

"When someone goes on probation and you see them every month, if not more often, you get to know them," Willaford says.

"It's very said to hear that Morgan has passed and what's happened to her son."

Willaford says Slaight was released from the community portion of her probation in June.  Willaford tells 27 News Slaight had regained custody of her children from a state placement, was working, and was with her husband.

Wisconsin officials say Slaight had separated from her husband in Oklahoma when she moved to Wisconsin recently.

Oklahoma court records show Slaight failed to appear for a court hearing on her fines Dec. 31.  Court officials say her failure to appear led a judge to issue a bench warrant for her arrest Jan. 6, but say Slaight could have resolved the warrant by simply contacting the court and complying with its direction. Records show Slaight paid more $1,500 in fines, and owed more than $5,000, to be paid through continuing installments.


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