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Mazomanie shooting shocks neighbors who loved trailer park manager and his family

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Mazomanie (WKOW)-- News of Monday night's shooting in Mazomanie spread quickly in a community of just over 1,600 people. For those that live in the trailer park where the shooting occurred, the tragedy hits even closer to home.

"We all loved him," neighbor Linda Johnson says. "Chris was such a good guy who helped everyone."

Linda Johnson has lived in the Rio Valley Estates trailer park for four years. She's still struggling with the idea of losing the park's beloved manager, handyman and friend. Neighbors tell 27 News that 39-year-old Chris Schwicthenberg was the manager of the park for eight years. He was always willing to help shovel snow or cut grass for a neighbor in need.

"He fixed the door for us," Johnson says while pointing to her front door. "He came over and looked at the meter for us all the time. He'd always say hi and smile. I love him and his whole family. It's just so sad."

Johnson says she's not familiar with the young shooting suspect, 17-year-old Dean Sutcliffe, but she did know 16-year-old Ariyl Brady. Family members tell 27 News that Brady was the 16-year-old victim who was killed in the shooting.

"The whole family is just great. I hope they're doing well. I haven't talked to them yet," Johnson says. "This is a great trailer park. This is just so unusual."

Several neighbors tell 27 News that sharing information amongst neighbors has been difficult with the heavy police presence in the trailer park preventing them from freely walking through the trailer park. Dane County deputies were on site until early Tuesday evening. Most of the neighborhood was covered in police tape as deputies continued their investigation of the shooting.

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