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Exclusive: scene of teen's death shows deadly encounter involved stairwell

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 MADISON (WKOW) -- Exclusive 27 News video of the scene of the shooting death of teen suspect Tony Robinson shows the deadly encounter between the unarmed Robinson and Madison Police officer Matt Kenny involved a stairwell at a side entrance to the building.

The video shows significant blood splatter on a wall at the base of the stairs of the building at 1125 Williamson Street.  27 News has only made available a portion of its video of inside the shooting scene, because of the scene's graphic nature.

Madison Police Chief  Mike Koval says Robinson punched Kenny in the head and staggered him, after Kenny forced his way into the building.  Koval says after Kenny was assaulted, he fatally shot Robinson.

27 News video shows tennis shoes on the stairwell, and police measurements taped to the same wall with the blood stains.

Authorities have yet to specify where in the unit the encounter between Kenny and Robinson took place, and whether anyone else was present.

Koval says Kenny and other officers were responding to reports Robinson was running through traffic, and had been involved in a battery.

Robinson's uncle, Melvin Ivy says family members have viewed the scene of the shooting.  "You know, feelings are raw right now."

Ivy says Robinson was living in a unit at the apartment building at the time of his death.  Robinson is not listed on the apartment's lease.

Madison attorney John Cates, who specializes in personal injury law, and staff members examined areas around the scene Wednesday.  Cates declines to comment on whether he has been hired to represent the interests of the Robinson family.

A copy of a search warrant obtained by 27 News states investigators planned to search the building for, and seize prescriptions and medications tied to Robinson.   The search warrant also states officers were looking for any suicide note, or homicide plans.

An agent with the state department justice prepared the search warrant.  A justice department spokesperson has responded to no requests for information from 27 News on the search, and what was found.

27 News asked Ivy if Robinson was despondent at the time of the fatal shooting.  "We're going to let the court records say what they're going to say,"  Ivy says.  "Right now, we're not involved in any of that.

"He was a beautiful, young man, " Ivy says of his nephew.  "He was inspirational."

Robinson was on probation for a felony, armed robbery conviction at the time of the shooting.  Online court records show no indication of issues during Robinson's period of probation, although more extensive records maintained by the state department of corrections have yet to be made available.

Kenny was previously responsible for the shooting death of Ronald Brandon of Madison in 2007, as Brandon brandished a look-a-like gun..  No criminal charges were brought against Kenny, nor disciplinary action, as his use of deadly force was deemed justifiable.

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