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AG Schimel expects officer-involved shooting report in about 2 weeks

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MADISON (WKOW) -- It will be at least a couple of weeks before any reports are ready from the state investigation into the officer-involved shooting in Madison last Friday.

Attorney General Brad Schimel announced Thursday a rough timeline as the state Department of Justice pours over evidence in the death of Tony Robinson, 19.

Schimel says Division of Criminal Investigation staff will end up putting together at least 100 separate reports and interviewing more than 60 witnesses. 29 agents, analysts and supervisors are on the case, some from outside of the Madison office. There is hours of video evidence, but nothing showing the shooting.

Schimel declined to discuss specific details of the investigation, asking the public for patience. He says he hopes people will withhold judgement until all the information is available. He says releasing information now would do a disservice to the search for the truth.

"We are resolved to not do that. We are going to release the information when the investigation is done. We encourage the public to be patient and wait for the outcome before they make their judgements about what did or did not happen," Schimel says. "Making the judgement based on bits and pieces of information or based on myths is not going to help anyone arrive at the truth about what happened."

Schimel says the results of the investigation will answer many questions that remain and help the public better understand the circumstances of Robinson's death.

Investigators are looking closely at what led up to Officer Matt Kenny shooting and killing Robinson Friday evening.

"We're particularly interested in what the officer who was involved in the incident was doing in the day leading up to that moment, what witnesses were doing, what the subject that was the basis of the police call for service was doing, down to the level of how much sleep were people getting, what other experiences were they involved in, in their lives?" says Dave Matthews, administrator of DCI.

Matthews says the evidence in a case like this can be overwhelming and the reports DCI puts together will be the one chance to give the Dane County District Attorney's office a look at what happened.

DCI will not be making any recommendations to the DA, just putting together the evidence. The DA will make any final decisions in the case. Schimel hopes to send the reports in about two weeks.

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