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Exclusive: video shows fearful bystanders near officer-involved shooting scene

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 MADISON (WKOW) -- Surveillance video obtained by 27 News shows bystanders scrambling for cover around the time of a Madison Police officer's fatal shooting of teen suspect Tony Robinson on Williamson Street.

The surveillance footage from a gas station at 1130 Williamson - directly across the street from the scene of the shooting - shows an SUV pulling up next to a gas pump just before 6:36 p.m. Mar. 6.  The video shows two men coming inside the gas station's building, making a purchase, and returning to the outside of the SUV.

The video also shows employee Vijay Atalia working inside the building and looking out through a window at the gas pump area.

"Saw people crouching behind their car," Atalia tells 27 News.

"I thought that something is going on,"  Atalia says.  "Something dangerous."

The surveillance video shows the two men crouched behind the car, with the vehicle shielding them from the adjacent street. 

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) says she drove into the gas station, and saw the men crouching and urging her to take cover.  Taylor says she remained in her car.

"(I) Was literally vertical in my car,"  Taylor tells 27 News.  "I did hear some shots."

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says Officer Matt Kenny was responding to reports of Robinson running in traffic and battering someone.  Koval says Kenny forced his way into 1125 Williamson Street, shooting and killing Robinson.  Koval says Robinson had punched Kenny in the head prior to the shooting.  Authorities say the encounter between the two lasted less than one minute,. but have declined comment on whether Kenny and Robinson were the only two people in the apartment unit at the time of the fatal clash.

The surveillance video shows the two men cowering behind their SUV ultimately standing up to survey the situation.  The video shows other people gathering on the edge of the gas station property to observe what was going on across the street.

Atalia says he was able to keep calm largely because he's been robbed three times at gunpoint.  He tells 27 News he briefly closed down the gas station as police officers swarmed around the two story building across the street.

The gas station's owner says twelve hours of surveillance video has been turned over to investigators.  The state department of justice is the the outside agency probing what happened in the deadly encounter.

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