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City of Madison water users affected by cyber attacks

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The city of Madison has gotten a break from ongoing cyber attacks since the officer-involved shooting. IT officials say it's been quiet for about 24 hours, but they anticipate the trouble is not over yet.

Earlier this week, we learned parts of the city's website were down after a group claimed to be responsible for the attacks, demanding audio records be released in the shooting death of Tony Robinson. The attacks have come intermittently and randomly at all different times of day since Monday.

One of the areas affected is the Madison Water Utility's Customer Care application. It allows customers to see their bills and monitor their water use. The IT department took down that app as a precaution to examine it more closely in case it was harmed by the attacks.

Roughly 17,000 customers use online services and more than 6,000 are signed up for paperless bills, according to Robin Piper, customer service manager. Around 3,100 customers use the online system to monitor their water use, which is a new service that started in fall.

Water officials want to let customers know that while you can't see your bill online or monitor your water use, you can still pay your bill online, so they're helping customers make that easier.

"We're emailing those customers and saying here's your account number, here's where you go to pay your bill, here's how much you owe," says spokesperson Amy Barrilleaux. "You just can't really view that PDF of your actual, physical bill."

You can either call the utility's customer service line at (608) 266-4641 or email water@cityofmadison.com. You can also click here to be notified when maintenance on the My Water Usage page is complete.

IT officials say they've been working hard on this, as well as other aspects of the attacks.

"We're taking all necessary precautions," says Chief Information Officer Paul Kronberger. "We have staff working extra hours to monitor the situation, review anything that we feel needs to be reviewed."

Kronberger tells 27 News there is no timeline on the process at this time. He says for the most part, city offices have been able to get through the attacks without more than a bit of inconvenience.

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