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Exclusive sit-down with Badger Head Football Coach Paul Chryst

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Paul Chryst spent much of his young life near the place he'll now spend every day: Camp Randall Stadium. In fact, his first job was there. Or near there. As a kid, he delivered newspapers to the stadium.

"We had two paper routes, my brother and I, and my first own paper route I delivered 6 papers to Camp Randall," the new head coach of the Wisconsin football program recalls. "It was cool because I knew what went on in here, but at a young age, you know, my dad worked here. So I was never enamored with it. It was just the stadium."

Young Paul lived near both sets of grandparents in Madison. They and his parents, George and Patty, taught him a lot about being a good person. "On the core issues, they were dead on. There was no wiggle room. It wasn't complicated. You knew right and wrong and I could follow the rules pretty easily."

But for lessons on being a good coach, Chryst reflects back on his dad's well-known career at Wisconsin and UW-Platteville. "I was watching him when I was young and I wasn't looking to be a coach at the time, so I reflect back for lessons. Certainly the way he approached the players, respect for anyone who played the game, who officiated the game. Then you draw lessons looking back on it; not at that moment. The moment was the game and I got nervous."

His dad passed away years ago, but mom patty is likely still giving lessons. Especially since Paul is living with her right now. He laughs, "Yeah, I'm one step above Chris Farley living in a van down by the river! I'm that guy, 48-49 years old, living with his mom! I'm at least not in the basement! I've really done well. You should be proud of yourself."

Wife Robin and their three kids, Katy, JoJo and Danny are still in Pittsburgh. Danny will graduate from high school in June and is in enrolled in UW for the fall. "Half joking, I said now that we're coming he's not going to want to go here anymore. He might pick somewhere else, but no, he's excited for it."

His daughters will finish up at Pitt. Katy looking at a degree in communications. JoJo is thinking about physical therapy. Chryst says it's been hard being back in Madison without them.

The family is used to moving around. Chryst gives credit to his wife Robin for keeping everything together. They met at Platteville High School. "She thought before we got married, I remember talking to her and said, 'Are you all right if I go into this coaching?' and she's thinking, yeah, your dad was a high school coach in Madison, he coached at the University, big move to Platteville about an hour and a half away (laughs)."

Robin may not have realized they would move so many times over the years, but Chryst says the entire family is excited to be back home in southern Wisconsin. Her parents still live in Platteville.

Chryst says while his family is away, he's been reconnecting with players and friends, and obviously getting ready for his first season as head coach.

There's much more Coach Chryst talked about with 27's Dani Maxwell. Click on the raw video clip for the entire interview.

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