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Teen's father reached out for help day before shooting

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 MADISON (WKOW) -- On the day before a Madison Police officer fatally shot unarmed, teenage suspect Tony Robinson, Robinson's father contacted his son's probation agent, and expressed concerns about Robinson's behavior.

"Tony Robinson, Sr calls on 03/05/2015," state probation agent Mary Jones notes, in records released to 27 News.

"...Says...he is concerned about offender,"  Jones states.

In an exclusive interview with 27 News, Tony Robinson, Sr. says he had experience with probation terms after past prison and jail stints, and wanted his son to toe the line.  "There's going to be no need to look for him.  There's going to be no warrant put out,"  Robinson, Sr. tells 27 News of his thinking at the time of his contact with the agent.

State records show Robinson's probation term for a December, felony armed robbery conviction included Jones' observation Robinson "..appears remorseful," on Jan. 5.  But on Feb. 10, Jones reported Robinson a "no show" for a required meeting, with Robinson apologizing to the agent Mar. 4 for missing the meeting.

On Mar. 6, authorities say police officer Matt Kenny fatally shot Robinson, after Robinson punched Kenny in the head.  Police Chief Mike Koval says Kenny and other officers were responding to Williamson Street in connection to reports Robinson was running in traffic, and may have assaulted two people.

On Mar. 5, state probation records show Tony Robinson, Sr. told Jones he "...doesn't want son to take as long to get on track as he did."

"It had come to a point, 'I've been there, done that.'  Just going to have to have him sit down, maybe not try to act like he knows everything,"  Robinson. Sr. tells 27 News.

"The whole time I talked to her (Jones), she said, 'That's exactly what's needed,'  "  Robinson, Sr. says.

Despite his intervention that day, Robinson. Sr. says he faults himself for not doing more.

"Maybe we just be on a fishing trip or something, and maybe went camping,"  Robinson, Sr. tells 27 News.  "The day he left my house, which was Thursday, and this happened the next day, I should have just told him, 'Stay for the weekend.'  "

But Robinson, Sr. also takes issue with Kenny's actions.   Robinson, Sr. says his son may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the fatal encounter, and says responding officers had been informed of that.

"If he did get struck, I understand that,"  Robinson, Sr. says of Kenny's need to respond.  "But you were told that your son might be...incoherent, due to what he might be on.  Even if he was drunk, you've got to take time with people like that.  They're not functioning in the right state of mind,"  Robinson, Sr. tells 27 News.

Authorities have made no comment on Robinson's possible condition, nor on what precisely was communicated to responding officers.  Portions of audio of dispatch information to responding officers has been posted online to a web site.

Robinson, Sr. and Robinson's mother, Andrea Irwin, have retained Madison attorney John Cates, who specializes in personal injury law.  Cates tells 27 News he's come to no conclusion on what took place between the officer and the teen, and no decision has been made on whether legal action will be taken over the death.

Robinson, Sr. tells 27 News what turned out to be his final day with his son included Robinson, Sr. cutting the teen's hair, and having a barbeque meal with him.

"Last thing he said out the door was, 'I love you,' "  Robinson, Sr. says.  "That was the last time I saw him."

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