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Robinson family member says teen was in altered state

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 MADISON (WKOW) -- Fatal shooting victim Tony Robinson's uncle says the teenager was under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms or another hallucinogen at the time of his deadly encounter with Madison Police officer Matt Kenny Mar. 6.

"His death is not a result of him doing mushrooms,"  Turin Carter tells 27 News.  "His fault is not completing understanding a drug.  But should that lead to somebody being killed? No,"  Carter says.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says Kenny only fired gunshots at Robinson, after the nineteen year old punched Kenny in the head, staggering him.  Koval says Kenny and other officers were responding to reports of Robinson running traffic on Williamson Street, and assaulting as many as two people.

Carter tells 27 News responding officers were informed Robinson was possibly under the influence of an impairing substance.  Authorities have offered no comment on what officers knew of Robinson's condition, other than his erratic behavior.

Carter says given his nephew's state, the police response should have been consistent with protocols for a psychiatric, or "psych" case, with non-lethal compliance steps.   Carter tells 27 News he is passing no judgment on Kenny's actions, until state justice department agents complete an investigation of the incident.

In a statement Thursday from Kenny's family, Kenny's sister Amanda noted during her brother's dozen years as a Madison Police officer, he's "...deftly handled innumerable, intoxicated out-of-control people."

Carter says the people who furnished the drug to Robinson are not responsible for the fatal outcome.

"I feel that they're kids...and kids experiment with drugs without really understanding the potential capability for things to go wrong,"  Carter tells 27 News.

Carter says his information on what his nephew ingested on the day of the fatal shooting is based on sources.  The Isthmus first reported remarks from Carter on Robinson's drug use that day:

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