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Emotions run high at mayoral debate, as audience constantly interrupts candidates

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MADISON (WKOW)--  The moderator of a mayoral debate struggled to quiet the crowd, angry over racial disparities and the shooting death of Tony Robinson.

The Marquette Neighborhood Association hosted the forum, between candidates Mayor Paul Soglin and Alderman Scott Resnick. Both candidates were interrupted repeatedly throughout the night by chants and heckling in the audience.

The audience could submit written questions-- one came related to the use of police body cameras-- Ald. Resnick supports the cameras.

“It's not going to solve the issues of racial disparities but it does give us an insight that nothing else can provide,” Ald. Resnick said before the crowd cut him off.

Mayor Soglin says he has concern about using the cams.

“We've got some very serious issues with the use of the body cameras,” Mayor Soglin said. “First of which is, is the cost worth it for the return in terms of what this community can invest in.”

But interruptions from the audience continued all night, especially when questions related to racial disparities, police and violence. The moderator repeatedly called for decorum. Still, some audience members left, frustrated by the constant disruptions and the inability of candidates to finish answers.

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