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Tony Robinson supporters call for D.A. to charge officer

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Family members and supporters of teen suspect Tony Robinson march to the steps of the Dane County courthouse to call for district attorney Ismael Ozanne to criminally charge the officer who fatally shot the teenager one month ago.

A family member Monday said private autopsy results indicate Robinson was shot at least seven times by officer Matt Kenny Mar. 6.

"This was not reasonable, nor necessary,"  Robinson family spokesperson Jerome Flowers says..

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says Kenny and other officers responded to reports of Robinson's erratic and assaultive behavior, and Kenny was punched in the head by Robinson before opening fire.

An autopsy summary released by the Dane County medical examiner's office stated Robinson had fatal gunshot wounds, but did not specify how many times the unarmed, teenager was shot.

Robinson supporters also want Robinson's mother, Andrea Irwin and other family members to be given the opportunity to meet with Ozanne, before he renders a decision on whether a crime was committed in connection to the fatal encounter.

"I will confer with them,"  Ozanne tells 27 News.

But Ozanne declines to comment on whether the scope of his review will include the private autopsy results.  Ozanne also tells 27 News he's identifying no time frame for his decision-making.

Attorney for Robinson's parents, John Cates tells 27 News the actions taken by Kenny before his confrontation with Robinson should be critical to any review.

"This all boils down to, 'Why was there a confrontation,' and 'Could it have been avoided?' "  Cates says.

Police Chief Mike Koval says Kenny believed there was immediate peril to others, and those exigent circumstances led him to enter the home on Williamson Street and confront Robinson.


State justice department agents provided Ozanne with investigative reports on the shooting less than two weeks ago.

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The family of Tony Robinson will talk at a news conference Monday morning.

With the police department releasing hundreds of documents in response to the officer-involved fatal shooting of Robinson, the family would like to share their concerns with the investigation.  The family will also lay out their requests for the district attorney and MPD. 

Young, Gifted and Black supporters will stand with the family, meeting in front of the house where Tony was shot and then marching to the County Courthouse on Hamilton Street. 

The documents released Friday do not include any from the investigation into the March 6 shooting.  The documents released are prior reports that involve Tony Robinson and reports involving Officer Matt Kenny.


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