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Melinda's Garden Moment: Growing the perfect potato

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The perfect potato could result in the best-tasting homemade hash browns for your breakfast.

Melinda Myers suggests you purchase disease-free seed potatoes from a garden center or catalogue.  Cut the whole or large seed potatoes into smaller pieces with at least one good "eye."  Plant them in a 2-3" deep furrow, 10-12" apart, and that will leave 24-36" between plants.

As the plant grows, mound the nearby soil over the tubers until the rows are 4-6" high.  This encourages more tubers to form on the buried stem.

If you want to save some space, you can plant your potatoes in a planting bag.  Fill the bag with a few inches of potting mix.  Set the potato pieces on the mix.  Cover with several inches of soil.  As the potatoes grow, continue adding a couple of inches of soil at a time until the bag is full.

Check out Melinda Myers' website for more gardening tips.
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