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Fugitive coach surrenders to authorities

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MADISON (WKOW) --  Madison Police officials say fugitive high school girls basketball coach Shelton Kingcade turned himself in Thursday to authorities to face potential sex crimes.

Citing sources close to Kingcade, 27 News first reported Wednesday on Kingcade's intention to surrender.

Police officials say Kingcade avoided an arrest attempt by officers Tuesday. 

Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain says more than one girl has lodged accusations against Kingcade.  He was booked into the Dane County jail on the tentative felony charge of second degree sexual assault of a child, and other tentative sex crimes.  An official with the Dane County District Attorney's office tells 27 News Kingcade will make a court appearance Friday..

Kingcade's lengthy history with youth sports includes coaching Madison West High's varsity girls basketball team until Feb. 25, when school district officials say he was suspended in connection with the pending investigation; coaching Oregon High School's varsity boys basketball team from 2007-2010; and supervising the basketball program for Madison Spartans Youth Basketball club..

16-year old Chaya Miller is a former Spartans player.  The teen says Kingcade was all business..  "He was really tough and made sure we were listening, we were on task,"  Miller says.  "There wasn't a lot of goofing around when he was around."

Miller says she's surprised Kingcade has been accused of sexual impropriety.  "That's just not him,"  Miller says.  "He never was like that towards anybody...on my girls' team."

Miller's father, Nick Williams tells 27 News he's coached youth football with Kingcade and "...never witnessed anything inappropriate."

"If he's responsible for this, I think he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,"  Williams says. "If not, I hope his name is cleared."

Requests by 27 News for comment from Kingcade's attorney have received no response.

Deputy district attorney Michelle Viste says the probable cause affidavit used to support the attempted arrest of Kingcade Tuesday is unavailable..

As a nineteen year old, Dane County court records show Kingcade was charged with felony, second degree sexual assault.  Records show he qualified for a diversion program, with the charge being dismissed in 1995.


MADISON (WKOW) -- There are mixed signals over the potential surrender of a fugitive, high school basketball coach on tentative, child sex crime charges.

Sources close to Madison West High girls basketball coach Shelton Kingcade tell 27 News Kingcade intends to surrender to authorities by Thursday morning.

But police officials say their view is Kingcade remains at large, subject to arrest.  "We hope he turns himself in,"  Madison Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain tells 27 News.

DeSpain says an attempt by officers to arrest Kingcade Tuesday was unsuccessful.

DeSpain says there's probable cause to arrest Kingcade on tentative charges of second degree child sexual assault and other crimes.

Madison schools spokesperson Rachel Strauch-Nelson says Kingcade was suspended from coaching in February, when school district officials became aware of accusations against him, and launched an administrative investigation into his conduct.

Kingcade was also in leadership positions with other organizations involved with youth sports, including the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.   Boys and Girls Club executive director Michael Johnson says Kingcade has been removed from his position.  Kingcade's name as a youth leader has been removed from the web site of Madison Spartans Youth Basketball, as has the name of his daughter, Monica Davidson.

When contacted by 27 News, Davidson declined comment on her father's situation, referring questions to Kingcade's attorney,  who has yet to respond to 27 News.

Oregon School District records show Kingcade coached the high school boys basketball team from 2007-2010.  School district human resources director Jina Jonen says Kingcade was not offered a contract for the 2010-11 season, citing the desire of district officials to hire a coach who was also a teacher in the district..

In 1990, as a nineteen year old, court records show Kingcade was charged with felony child sex assault.  Records show Kingcade was accepted into a diversion program, with the charge dismissed in 1995. 

In an April 1992 story in the Wisconsin State Journal on the plight of young, black men in Dane County, Kingcade was quoted as growing up without a father figure, and crediting a Madison Police officer with being one of the people to help him turn his life around.

"There's no way I can get in trouble now because I would hate to blow...the reputation of the police officer who got me going in the right direction," Kingcade said in the report..

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