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INTERVIEW: Houston man talks to WKOW about the stray animal problem

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 HOUSTON, TX (WKOW) --- We told you Monday about the animals running the streets of Houston with no home.   While we were in Houston seeing the problem, we met a man our hosts call, the heart of the corridor.

Willie Hill lives in the troubled area of Houston where over 1 million animals roam looking for food and shelter.

Hill runs a mechanic shop, but he also is a huge supporter of helping the strays off the streets.

Hill has numerous dogs himself.  Many of them strays who wandered in and he started to take care of.  Others were given to him by people who had no where else to turn. 

He told us about one dog who had puppies.  He helped find some of the puppies homes, and the others he kept to take care of.

Mandy Hunt of Paddy's Paws says Hill is a light in the dark corridor.

Hill showed us his property and the homes he built for the animals who now call his place home.  They are mini homes with decks and air conditioning.

Watch the video to hear more of our sound with Willie as he talks about the problems in Houston and how he can see Lola's Lucky Day making a difference.

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