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UW Legal expert hopes DA's decision answers 'big question'

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Roads around the Dane County Public Safety Building are blocked off Tuesday morning, ahead of the District Attorney's press conference regarding the officer-involved shooting of Tony Robinson.

DA Ismael Ozanne will announce Tuesday afternoon whether Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny will face charges for shooting and killing Robinson on March 6.

While the entire city awaits the decision, one UW legal expert and former Bush and Obama Criminal Justice Department attorney says he's anticipating a medical examiner's report and looking forward to finding out what's inside.

"I think we'll also hear if Mr. Robinson was on mushrooms at the time," Professor Steven Howard Wright told 27 News. "I suspect there will be some sort of toxicology report that may be able to tell us whether it contributed to some erratic behavior."

Professor Wright is also interested to see if Officer Kenny gave some sort of statement; he says that will be telling if this case does go to trial.

"Part of what the jury would be asked to decide is ... if they were in their shoes, whether this shooting would be justified," Wright said. "If he acted reasonably, then he's got a pretty solid defense."

Wright says once the decision has been announced the big question will be whether or not the Robinson family will file a civil suit, or if the Department of Justice will step in.

Wright did tell 27 News that, one way or another, he expects the Department of Justice to announce whether it will go forward with a civil rights investigation.

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