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Madison Community Discourse hosts art exhibition on "courage"

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A community arts non-profit hosts an exhibition starting Friday focused on courage.

Madison Community Discourse held a similar exhibit last year, its first, with a theme of "love." Mallory Shotwell, artist and founder of Madison Community Discourse tells Wake Up Wisconsin this nine month project was inspired by community stories and artists have been creating large scale installation art to tell their stories. More than 40 artists have creates sculptures, mixed media, drawings, photography, paintings, illustrations, and other projects to be put on display at Art in at 1444 East Washington Avenue from June 5 - June 13.

Shotwell says, "I decided to explore Courage this year because it is a universal experience that we all share. It is the firefighter rushing into the burning building, the person speaking in front of people, standing up for yourself, starting a new job. It is going to war, coming home from war, having children. It is something we all experience and through these experiences, we can learn from and grow with each other. One less stranger makes the community stronger, it is shared experience and wisdom that makes this happen."

She explains some of the experiences of courage are shown in the exhibit as quotes:

----"For me, it's losing a baby, and having the courage to try again."

 --- "Took courage to ask her out," he says with a laugh and points to the girl to his left. She smiles back.

Come to find out later, that's HOW he asked her out.

----"It's brave when I eat a new food. We ate noodles with salad on it!" Ema, age 4

---- "I hit a car drunk driving."

"What happened?"

"Two people died there... So courage is knowing that... for the rest of my life... that was me."

---- "Courage is finding, accepting, and loving yourself and sharing it with others."

----"For me, courage was accepting what I can't change. It's taken a lot of time, but I am working on not projecting. Not seeing what is not there. And letting go of the past..."

----"I had hoped that he would have the courage to face his own redemption"

----"People are inherently creative. We are always telling stories. Facebook, Instagram, twitter...these are all stories. We find ways to share..."

----"It takes courage to fail, to feel it, embrace it, and change. That's innovation."

To learn more, head to the Madison Community Discourse website or Facebook page.
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