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Footgolf growing in popularity

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As Sasa Yodkerepaupari steps to the tee, he assesses the hole. Then, he drives the ball, not with a club but with his feet. 

"A good mix of power and accuracy is really what you need and just take it slow just like in golf."

But this clearly isn't your grandpa's game of golf. This is footgolf.

"I like that it's a mix of soccer and golf. In soccer, you have to do so much running, but you can kind of just take it easy."

Footgolf can be traced back to around 2006. However, it's relatively new to Madison. The Bridges Golf Course has only been kicking off since Memorial Day, according to the Bridges' Director of Golf Becky Iverson.

"It's one of those things until you try it you get confused. You don't really know what it is, but if you've ever played the game of golf, just think of golf with a soccer ball and you can handle it"

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