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Inseparable pair of waterfowl find special home in Poynette

Posted: Updated: Jun 27, 2015 11:43 PM

POYNETTE (WKOW)-- A group of neighbors who live along the Wisconsin River near Poynette have a few new residents to look after.

A goose and a duck, who the residents affectionately call Fred and Ethel arrived in the area three summers ago.

“How they got here, I don't know,” said Al Meyer, who helps care for the birds.

Meyer says he thinks the birds were dumped by someone or carried by a flood. Either way, he says the are very welcomed in the area.

“Every night about 6, 6;30 I can hear him [Fred] from my yard which is about 100 yards away,that he's down here, wanting me to come down, just to say hi,” Meyer said.

And like their TV couple namesake-- the two are fiercely loyal to each other.

“They don't separate,” Meyer said. “If one's not with the other, something's wrong.”

The thing about Fred and Ethel though, is neither one can fly. So when the river freezes over, Meyer takes them in for the Winter.

“I got fencing and roofing and they're penned in, got a heated little pond that they swim in and bathe in, and then I got a heated shelter,” Meyer said.

And though the birds rely on the neighbors to get by, Meyer says they give even more than the get.

“I've become a little too attached I think,” Meyer said. “If they left today, I'd be sad, yeah.”

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