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Protestors speak out against proposal to prohibit Enbridge from paying catastrophe insurance

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MADISON (WKOW) – A group of Wisconsin homeowners protested a plan that would prohibit Dane County from requiring oil companies like Enbridge to provide catastrophe insurance before expanding.

The protestors used a blow-up octopus and hundreds of fake dollar bills to make their point outside the State Capitol on Wednesday.

Dane County officials are trying to make Enbridge pay more insurance before the Canadian oil company expands a pipeline that would vastly increase the flow of crude oil through Wisconsin.

“We can't regulate them,” said Peter Anderson, the protest organizer. “But the least we can do with the federal laws that tie some of our hands is require the company to insure and buy insurance policies for cleanups so that when the accidents do happen, we know it won't be the taxpayer paying for it, and cleanup will occur.”

Protestors are calling on Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) to veto the bill and give counties their rights back. They say they're concerned that given previous oil spills, future accidents could happen and cause taxpayers to pay millions in cleanup costs.

Enbridge officials say their Line 61 pipeline that runs through Wisconsin is not perfect but it is a much safer way to deliver crude oil than by rail.

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