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L.A. Clippers keep DeAndre Jordan

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DALLAS (WKOW) -- NBA contracts could be signed at midnight sharp Thursday morning and the most dramatic decision award has to go to DeAndre Jordan. After agreeing to contract terms with the Dallas Mavericks last week, Jordan has chosen to stay with the L.A. Clippers.

Reports say his deal will be worth almost $88 million over four years with a player option after the third year.

The change of heart comes after Jordan was jokingly held hostage by his Clippers teammates Wednesday. Reports say nobody could get a hold of him to discuss his pending deal with the Mavs.

That's when Blake Griffin tweeted a picture from inside Jordan's house captioned:

'I don't agree with the furniture layout, but I'm not an interior designer.'

Then just after midnight eastern time, Paul Pierce tweeted a photo of Jordan signing his Clippers contract next to coach Doc Rivers.

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