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Benson's Path Back To The National Stage

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SUN PRAIRIE, Wisconsin (WKOW) -- Justus Benson is quite familiar with the national spotlight. He's dominated the US amateur racquetball circuit for nearly a decade. But now the former champion finds himself away from the national stage, and is fighting for his way back.

Benson is an all-around athlete. He plays for the Sun Prairie Cardinals baseball team and he trains constantly. He's a six-time National champ in racquetball doubles, and once a World doubles champion.

With baseball being his first love, racquetball has taken a backseat to his endeavors on the field. In the past, Benson has been able to go from baseball season and straight into the almost-finished racquetball season. Generally, the rising senior only has a week and a half of training before he heads off to Nationals and he normally comes back successful. But this year was not the case and Benson did not make the cut.

"It's a jumble of feelings.... of emotion... of just being upset with myself and not being where I want to be, " says Benson. 

Yet, there's still a glimmer of hope for his future. Justus will travel to Colorado Springs to train with the national team at their Olympic facility. There, Benson will work on his game and maybe one day, grab his first World Singles title.

"And there's no question he couldn't win it. He's mentally tough. Physically he's amazing.   He's one of the quickest guys out on the court," Coach Andy Thompson states. "All he needs to do is put more work out on the court."

And Benson agrees, "Can't just come in with only a week of practice and just gotta put more into it."

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