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Power outages and cleanup efforts continue in Columbus after early morning storm

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Columbus (WKOW)-- Hundreds of homeowners are still without power in Columbus as utility crews work on downed electrical poles and tangled power lines. Dodge County officials say they haven't received any reports of people hurt in the storm. Some homeowners however, had close calls Monday morning.

"Boom, the tree was on the house," Columbus homeowner Jolene King says.

"I could feel it," her son Ryan adds. "I could feel everything in the house shake."

The family woke up to the sound of a large tree in their front yard splitting in two. One half fell on the right side of their home, the other fell to the left. The home itself stood right between them.

"It could have cut our house in half if it fell the right way," Jolene King explains.

One of the tree portions came within a few feet of Ryan's room in the front portion of the house.

"If it would've been a couple feet to the left I could've died," Ryan explains why looking at the tree in the yard.

Similar stories are being told by homeowners across the city of Columbus. With some just as lucky, others, not so much. One homeowner a few blocks down the street had a family car destroyed by a falling tree. Another homeowner just two houses down had another tree fall on their front patio.

Emergency management officials say the power should be restored by the end of the day Tuesday. The Red Cross has set up a shelter for homeowners who still don't have power. Volunteers tell 27 News they've set up 30 cots in the gymnasium for anyone who needs a place to sleep for the night.

"A place to get out of the heat for a few minutes, relax in a safe environment away from the pressure of cleaning up," Red Cross team leader Brian Murray says.

Columbus residents who had their electric service damaged in the storm should have their electrician reinstall the electric service mast and then call the Columbus Water & Light at 920-623-5912 to arrange a reconnect. The utility will be scheduling reconnections beginning Tuesday July 14, 2015.

City officials urge homeowners that if you have an emergency connected to the storm, please call 911. The non-emergency number, 920-623-5900, will be answered from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday July 14, 2015.

The safe haven manned by the Red Cross at the Columbus Middle School will remain open Monday evening. Food and beverages are available to Columbus residents who are unable to remain in their homes because of the storm.

Garbage collection will resume Tuesday July 14, 2015 with the Monday route. The garbage collection will work around the emergency crews so please be patient.

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