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Let It Fly: Schaefer Shines At Worlds

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BARABOO, Wisconsin -- "It's kinda in the blood," Josie Schaefer chuckled as she picked up three disc's spewed across an empty field at Baraboo High School. The rising junior, who stands at six foot one, has only just begun her career in the discus, but her future is bright.

And she credits nearly all of it to her father, a former Wisconsin state champion in the event, for showing her the ropes at 10 years old. 

"We had a couple of discs hanging around the house, and I think I got mad at him for something and I went outside and picked up his disc and I was like, "I'm gonna throw this thing so far you know, I'm gonna show him." And he comes out on the porch and he goes, "That's not how you do it." And so we went out on the concrete and practice started that day."

Six years later, Josie is still flinging the disc. Last month, she grabbed a second place finish in the WIAA Division 1 State Track and Field, and this past week, she placed 5th overall at the World Youth Championships in Cali, Colombia. 

Three of the four girls that placed ahead of Schaefer set new personal bests in the event, while Josie, who threw for 160 feet in Cali, is still is chasing her own personal record of 169. 

"Everybody is great, and everybody's at that level, and it brings a new appreciation. You're thinking about it all the time, and you're watching yourself turn all the time, and picturing yourself doing it right. This was the most amazing experience. I got to meet and become real close friends with the best throwers in the nation. So, it's been wonderful."

Schaefer will compete in a meet in Jacksonville, Florida, at the end of this month before heading to an AAU meet in Norfolk, Virginia. 

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