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Search abandoned for child's stolen medical device

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MONONA (WKOW) -- Authorities say a search for a child's stolen, insulin pump is abandoned, with a suspect in the theft telling authorities he discarded the expensive device in algae-clogged waters.

19-year old Orlando Pleadwell of Monona was arrested Thursday at a duplex on Winnequah Road, and jailed on a probation hold.  Lake Delton Police officials say Pleadwell confessed to stealing a back pack with the $11,000 medical device inside it, from a pool-side chair at a Lake Delton resort's water park.

Authorities say police officials decided against deploying a dive team into waters near Monona's Bridge Road to try to find the small item, because the possibility of recovering it was remote.

Police officials say the girl is relying on a separate, insulin pump her family has access to.


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