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Wisconsin's Fumagalli catching on with nine fingers

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MADISON (WKOW) -- With Sam Arneson gone, Wisconsin will likely rely on redshirt sophomore tight end Troy Fumagalli in the passing game. Fumagalli is the second leading receiver who returns from 2014, having caught 14 passes for 187 yards.

"Just the mental aspect of the game, just knowing you can go out there and compete, I think that's huge. I learned enough, played a little last year, it's definitely my time to step up," Fumagalli said.

"He's a unique guy, very skilled player and he's going to be huge for us this season," Badgers senior receiver Alex Erickson said.

Fumagalli has a rare set of hands, the way he pulls in passes, while down a digit. If you look closely, Fumagalli is missing the index finger on his left hand.

"When I was born, no circulation got to my finger, so they had to surgically remove it. I have these scars on the other ones. They had to make sure the blood was flowing through them and tried to save those ones," Fumagalli said.

The rest of his fingers were saved and Fumagalli grew into a freak athlete. Playing football successfully isn't even the most fascinating thing Fumagalli has done with nine fingers.
"Actually I played baseball [in high school], so that was kind of even more shocking because I was a lefty, I threw with my left hand. I was a pitcher. My two-seamer was very good. I was very lucky," Fumagalli said.

Tossing two-seamers, to taking over at tight end for the Badgers, you gotta hand it to Fumagalli for finding his fit.

"People will give it to me, how do you do that? Stuff like that, but it's second nature to me," Fumagalli said.

"Your thumb and your index finger are you main catching [fingers] on your hands so it's pretty remarkable that he can do it. Obviously he has great hands so it's worked out for him," Erickson said.

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