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Hobbled Goldberg making a move for the Badgers

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The lengthy list of walking wounded keeps growing for the Badgers. Defensive lineman Arthur Goldberg spent Tuesday morning standing on the sidelines and riding a bike as he rests a foot injury that he says will keep him out on a day-to-day basis.

This is an important fall camp for the redshirt junior. Goldberg made the switch in the offseason from nose tackle to defensive end. He saw action in 14 games in the middle last season. However, the coaching staff believes Goldberg could be more disruptive on the outside.

"Being at end, I feel like it plays to my strengths. I can be explosive, get up field and really set the edge for the defense, me being the heaviest D-lineman at like 300 and everyone else being below me. We all fit into Aranda's defense. So, I'm excited what we're going to do this season on defense."

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