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Back to school lunch ideas your kids can eat FAST!

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Your kids may complain to you they don't have enough time to eat their lunch at school. It's one of the things parents and school administrators hear often during the year. 

Joel Olson with Hemmachef has come up with some great ideas for parents packing their kids' lunches this upcoming school year. He shares a few of them with Wake Up Wisconsin viewers. 

First, Chef Olson says remember to cut things into bite-sized pieces so they are small enough for kids to eat fast. Think small chunks of summer sausage and cheese or bite-sized pieces of leftover pizza from dinner the night before. Cut up bite-sized pieces of cucumbers, tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables and have them all ready to go in a Tupperware container. 

If you're cutting up an apple, it will turn brown, so Chef Olson suggests making it turn brown by adding some brown sugar or cinnamon sugar. Put the cut-up apple chunks or slices in a bag with cinnamon sugar and shake it. The kids will love the taste and the apple won't turn yucky. 

If you're making them a sandwich, cut off the crusts to make it easier to eat for lunch, but don't throw them out. Use them for breakfast that morning, Throw them in a pan with some butter and add some eggs for a great breakfast dish!

Chef Olson says a favorite for lunch among kids when he recently did a children's cooking class was pasta! He says cook up some small pasta like macaroni, add sauce and put it in a thermos. Just give them a spoon and you have a very easy lunch for school. 

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