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Homicide victim alerted police to son's instability

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SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- Court records show homicide victim Jane Skalitzky contacted police officials about concerns over her son, nearly three years before authorities say Matthew Skalitzky killed his mother.

Police officials Monday said 68-year old Jane Skalitzky suffered fatal wounds as the result of being attacked with an edged weapon.  They said 40-year old Matthew Skalitzky was arrested on the tentative charge of first degree intentional homicide.  Skalitzky was booked into Dane County jail Friday, and released from the jail Saturday.  Sun Prairie Assistant Police Chief Scott Faust says Skalitzky remains in secure custody, but declines to comment further.

Court records show Jane Skalitzky contacted police officials in November 2012 after Matthew Skalitzky made suicidal statements.  Records show officers found Skalitzky unharmed, but inebriated.  Skalitzky's drinking caused him to be charged with felony bail jumping, as refraining from alcohol was part of a bail condition for him in a 2011 battery case.  In both cases, records show Skalitzky was referred to a first offender program, with charges dismissed as Skalitzky successfully completed programs connected to both cases.

Records also show Jane Skalitzky expressed concern over whether Matthew Skalitzky was taking prescribed medication.  In both the battery and bail jumping cases, court records state Skalitzky told the court he was taking medication for an unspecified mental disease.

Neither court case includes any record of Matthew Skalitzky threatening his mother.  Matthew Skalitzky's unit at 1952 Providence Common was co-owned by Jane Skalitzky.

Faust says Matthew Skalitzky's roommate called authorities in connection to Friday's violence, but was uninvolved in the incident.  Faust offers no comment on the possible motive for the killing.

Records on the 2011 battery case against Matthew Skalitzky state he punched an acquaintance, and then chased the man with a "bowie knife."  Faust declines to specify what typed of edged weapon was used to kill Jane Skalitzky, and declines comment on whether the weapon was recovered.


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